Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Ramblings

My mind has been activated. I'm living and breathing again at the very thought of UE. Could I really swing it and then write, write and write more? It can happen overnight after hard work and then oddly, it may not happen for me, but I MUST give it a shot. One article does not make a writing career. I have a lot of reporting work under my belt from more than a decade ago but for now, I'm a one article whore.

Today, I was a waste of space. I finally "got IT," and felt like crap for most of the day and night. I managed to get to the farmer's market today and bought 10 pounds of apples, all varieties and then hit Mr. Farmer from Orient Point and bought out his beet supply. I bought a rutabaga too to follow with the root vegetable theme I had going. He was cleaned out by 11 am so I didn't have much of a choice. Last week I got cauliflower so large I reckon it was radioactive or grown in glowing green soil. This week, empty bins. This was the last week for the farmers market till next June, six months down the road. It seems like a lifetime but when I see their ruddy, smiling faces again, I'll be thinner and wearing shorts. What a lovely thought to get me through this lousy winter. Don't get me wrong, I love the cold but I'm a bit grumpy right now because my hormones are all over the score board and I'm bleeding like a sieve. I'll be better tomorrow.

When I arrived at home with my odd produce finds, I immediately called my mother to ask her the best way to cook beets. I usually roast them but I decided to boil them after speaking with my mother. I had about 25 beets and roasting them was going to take too long. I scrubbed them and cut the greens off and cleaned those and got them ready for steaming. Once I dropped them in the water, I began to prep my pumpkins for roasting. I had planned to make a wonderful pumpkin soup with homemade broth, a bit ambitious when you don't feel well. After ripping the guts out of the pumpkin, I dumped them into a big, stainless pot, seeds and all, filled with Poland Spring water, fresh sage and thyme, organic onions, celery and one lone turnip. I threw in a few bay leaves and carrots, turned the flame to high and placed the glass top on the pot. Once it started to bubble up, the smell was intoxicating and filled my house with a the warm, earthy scent of sugar pumpkins, just past their prime. I roasted the meat of the pumpkin on an old cookie sheet in my oven, leaving the skins on to protect their inner nirvana.

As the soup came together, I took a break to watch a bad Hallmark Christmas movie with Ed Asner and some hunky B actor I've seen in other Lifetime type flicks. It was hokey and quasi romantic and I went with it, while I stuffed roasted garlic hummus and black bean organic chips in my pie hole.

The sun penetrated my windows, flooding the downstairs with golden rays and much needed heat. The house was quiet and all mine today. Vic had to work an event and left me to my devices, which I relished. I was the master of my domain today and it felt good. The dog and cat were my only company. The best company outside of my husband I suppose. It was a lovely November day all around. I even managed to get outside a little, playing ball with the pooch but I ended that early due to my wicked cramps and lack of energy.

I wish everyday could be like today. Maybe I'll write more this week since I'll have a lot of time after Thursday. I'm determined to do this. I hate writing dialogue but practice makes perfect. Practice makes perfect. Maybe if I write that phrase over and over again, much like a grammar school punishment handed down by the nuns, I'll get motivated. I could run lines with Velvet, she is a good listener you know. Or, I could simply call Bellvue and ask them if they have a good script program on their in-house computers for long term patients. LOL...I never really did like the view from the East Side of the city anyway.

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