Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pre-Funk Thanksgiving Prep

I'm taking a break from making pie crust. I have dough tucked high underneath my fingernails and am getting it all lover my laptop, probably not a good thing. So far today, I've made home made apple sauce and am boiling my sweet potatoes to prep for tomorrow's big food action. The pie crust dough is chilling away in the refrigerator until later when I peel a ton of apples for its contents. I was thinking about making a Chocolate Pecan Pie as well, but am not sure if I'll have the energy. We picked up a fresh Turkey last night. It's almost 20 lbs. so I'm sure it's going to take a year to cook but we'll have a household of big eaters tomorrow and I do want leftovers.

Tonight, I'll soak the bird with some salt to get all the blood and yuck out of it. Once I dry it off, I'll put it back in the fridge in its pan and cover it till morning. I can toast up the bread tonight and season it up. I love good's my favorite part of the meal.

OK, so now it's evening and I'm starving and feeling like a major cold is coming on, but I have to pull myself together and get this dinner cooked for tomorrow. I'm going to watch Rosie's special later tonight and of course the Obama/Barb Walters interview.

I guess I'm just a little ho-hum about things today since my gig with the magazine fell through. It's totally fine and I'll get over it but the fact that I lost my cool with this amateur after she called my writing vanilla and not publishable bothers me. I've been published before and have written hundreds of daily newspaper articles with very little copy editing. Still, it hurts and my fragile ego is a bit bruised. I'm sticking to the blog for now and will branch out more after the holiday season is done with. I'm bound and determined to write this screenplay and will start immediately after New Years. It's my focus. Vanilla my ass! Now I have something to myself.

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