Thursday, November 11, 2010

Random Thoughts and Phrases

Stop digging your heels in too deep Ms Thing. That's the best advice I can give to a middle aged woman on the brink of extinction, surviving on a diet of drive-by meanness, back-handed insults, condescension mixed with a little acid, Grey Goose, minus the ass-kissing olives I've banned from premises. "Excuse me young man, I'd also like a nice slice of Brie with that. I need to smooth out all the BS with a double creme fromage aged in a room filled with phonies."

Thank God I took a course in "Whoop-Ass" while I was an undergraduate at a small, inner city junior college back in the 1980's. I never thought my street-wise value system would fair very well in such a conservative, wooden environment but as usual, my instincts proved me wrong. I flipped my iPod on to the "Slapshots" play list only to find myself listening "Vehicle," by The Ides of March. I felt like such a bad-ass when I listened to that song like a Pink Lady of Grease fame or Leather Tuscaderowho was the coolest of cool chicks on Happy Days. I walk through the hallways, wishing I could pull-off a pair of skin-tight black leather pants, plugged in, tuned out, thinking that this is the cross-roads of my life. If I make the wrong decision, it could prove to be a gigantic, foolish misstep or it could be the leap of faith I've needed for almost a decade. I've been comfortable far too long and that is pure, unadulterated poisen to a woman with big dreams who came from meager beginnings. I've lost my edge but from time to time, I have hit my stride thrusting my acerbic diatribes on those that are deserving. Will my life turn out like a dark and dank episode of Twin Peaks or will it be filled with mid-western love. I can only hope for the latter. I heard the "Dust Bowl" is lovely at this time of the year.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Two Party Systems Aren't Working

The Democratic National Committee just called my house to talk about a Supreme Court Ruling from months ago. What about the BP oil spill and how I'm no happy about how our president has handled this....and what about the war? I thought we were supposed to pull-out. I've been a liberal my whole life and often identify myself as a Democrat but it's become more clear to me that a two party political system does not work. The DNC's defense was "Well BP isn't an American company," and my response was "if you invest in a global economy, participate in it and embrace it, does it really matter who caused the problem." It shouldn't take our president two months to finally meet with these environmental pirates and try to resolve this with just money. I really wish Hillary had won...I think things would have been a lot...A LOT better.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

BP Oil or How to ruin an ocean in one flip of the switch!

I am not a blind follower of any party, although the democratic/liberal forum is primarily where my political ideology lies. If Obama or whomever doesn't have the power to fix this, then who does. If they make something that cannot be fixed or patched, whose standing at the watchtower to stop these environmental bastards. Just a few weeks before BP's off-shore drilling rig blew to shreds, Obama was quick to say we are going to drill in the Atlantic. I will fight that tooth and nail. I feel like a lot of people who voted for him are blindly going along with anything he says. In order to be a more powerful people, we must be quick to question the "powers that be" and educate ourselves on what's best for the greater good. I'm sickened by this but moreover, I'm sickened by Americans who don't vote or participate in the process. Where are all those naked hippies who romped in the mud at Woodstock? If they really kept true to their belief systems, their kids wouldn't have grown up to be complacent, spoiled brats who care only of themselves. It's just like the war....most people just accepted it and moved on. Sad isn't it? (exit Soap Box stage left.)

Friday, April 30, 2010

Video Vignettes

I've been a little blocked lately but my radar tells me that a tsunami of words are about to violently wash up on shore. I've started doing video vignettes because my life has always been scripted to an extra special soundtrack, (no, not play list...I'm old school) possibly even a double album of musical ditties that take me back to a moment. I'm very interested right now in moments of time that have profoundly affected my persona. Some are special and wonderful while others are a bit sad, even melancholy. I never said this K-Tel special was going to be the ultimate in musical genres, but however good or bad the song may be, they belong to my moments in time.

Maxi Priest - Close to you

The Radiators - Like Dreamers Do

EIGHT SECONDS - kiss you (when it's dangerous)

The Police - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

Harry Chapin Cats in the Cradle (Soundstage)

Neil Young Old Man live in '71

38 Special - Caught Up In You

The Hooters - And We Danced

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Beginnings

Tonight, Vic and I made our way to Huntington's Book Review to hear Candace Bushnell read from her new young adult novel, The Carrie Diaries. She wasn't what I expected....nothing at all. I've been a fan of Sex and the City since it premiered on HBO over a decade ago, yet I mistakenly thought that Bushnell had a larger than life role in the writing of the shows scripts. I was wrong. She sold the rights to television producer Darren Starr and worked on the original pilot script as a collaboration. The show is based on her New York Observer's now famed column "Sex and the City," which not only attracted Hollywood producer's but the devout readers who found themselves trying to navigate the often confusing dating scene in New York City. Eventually, the writer gave in and decided on a television show rather than a flash in the pan movie that may have gone nowhere. Bushnell's decision may have been questioned at the time but her move was brilliant and helped create one of the most iconic female characters of the modern century. Am I over exaggerating? Not at all, especially to those hearty women who came out to hear a feisty Bushnell describe the back story of Carrie Bradshaw, a clique-less high school burgeoning fashion plate with her eye on New York City.

One thing that Bushnell said tonight, spoke to my heart. She said whatever you are doing, do it well. Good work is always recognized. She also said that writing takes a major commitment and if it isn't there, you won't produce good work. I'm almost there Candace. You may not be Harper Lee, but you created that iconic character, which is what I want to do...what I am destined to do. I can hear her voice, I just need find mine.

Off to bed to read more about Carrie Bradshaw and get a master class on how to build a character.

Friday, April 16, 2010


I suppose we all head down this road at some point in our lives, yet we are sorely unprepared for the dreaded mid-life crisis. I choke on my own spit to admit that I am a very young 43 and haven't fallen into the multitude of monetary trappings that engulf most Gen X'ers. I'm still searching for something but I'm not quite sure what that "something" really is or if it even exits. I think I must have been born under an odd, out of place star, that guides me into strange and often confusing places and events. My life has never been boring although I have fallen into ruts and secretly embrace tiny bouts of depression from time to time. Currently, I'm in a state of flux mostly due to my foolish weight gain as a result of my bereft year and of course career issues. It is not my lot in life to push papers and wear suits. I'm the antithesis of corporate. I despise corporate. I'm the product of a working class family with huge aspirations for myself but none of them included the trappings of following "company policy." I can be pragmatic when needed but for the most part, I'm a dreamer, a writer, a lover and a friend. A few weeks ago, I allowed a stick in a suit to intimidate me and exercise her perfect drawl in the language of condescension. She blocked me from tea, looked me up and down and judged me. So I look like a hippie professor or a funky chick from the city but by no means am I a leper. I was off my game that day. It blind sided me to be honest. I was devastated for a moment but then I realized what kind of person she must be. Insecure, pathetic and a follower would clearly define this woman. It's sad but hey, it's Long Island. People here look through you and once they surmise they've no use for you, they move on to the next victim. I'm better than that. If there is one thing I've learned in 15 years of helping others, it's compassion. It doesn't cost a thing to smile or help a stranger. Everyone is so caught up in their own minutia that they can't see past it. When did the helper become the punisher? Isn't that one conundrum we'd all like to figure out.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mixed Bag Rantings

I tried to do the right thing but how come they didn't? They're the ones who are supposed to know better yet they chose to think about their own asses first rather than what was better for the greater good. Maybe Timothy Leary, in all his infinite acid laced wisdom, had the right idea to drop out. It's hard being part of something you just don't believe in any longer. I read a quote at the end of some ones email today and it said something about not doing things for the money but to save your soul. I used to dream about being a hippie poet on the beach in Malibu, smoking 12o's and waxing about existential thoughts. I spent most of my summer's barefoot in Cape May nursing chapped lips from kissing random guys in bars and further destroying my fragile liver with any libation that rocked my world. Dollar 'Rocks at the King Eddie has been traded up for $10 glasses of Shiraz at the Brown Room. I sip rather than glug. I nibble at the snack treats rather than inhale the stale Pepperidge Farms pretzel mix at the Chalfonte that I used to think was gourmet! I was a poser of sorts back then trying to balance everyday life with the endless rantings in my head. Is that the life of a writer? Do we hear voices? I remember everything and everyone from my past. I remember distinct conversations that still haunt me. What am I supposed to do with this information? For God's sake, I still remember the damn department codes from Caldor and secretly kept and old wannabee boyfriends name tag. I have it in a box on my dresser. I thought he was the love of my love but all it was...was a whole lot of nothing. Unrequited love sucks. Once you really fall in love, you can tell the difference in a million different ways. After almost 15 years of marriage, I'm just so excited that I get to spend everyday of my life with my best friend and lover. All those other asses that used and abused me, can piss off. Am I still bitter...hmmm...good question. All I know is that you have to go through all the a-holes to get to the good stuff...and boy, I got me some really good stuff! Maybe I'll throw that name tag out. I just don't want it anymore. I think a YaYa Sisterhood ceremony is in order! Any takers?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vogue...Beauty's Where You Find It

FLASHBACK: (circa 1987) I was at Quintessence in Albany with Michael, drinking "Sex on the Beach" mixers when "Vogue" came on the sound system. I had a few heavily poured cocktails and was dying to dance a little. As I headed towards the 4x4 dance floor, I saw this toolish guy "voguing" to the song as if he was Madonna himself. I walked right up to him, big hair and all, and did a little dance-off myself, letting the liquor do the work, but he wreaked so badly of Drakkar Noir, it forced me to exit stage's where find it!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Twitter Time

Just wanted to let y'all know that I'm now on Twitter, jotting down those little notes, here and there, when the moment strikes! Follow me at

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Cooking Blog Coming Soon

Although I am enjoying my occasional blog about life's happenings, I'm finding that my true passion in life is food. I'm an avid cook, cookbook reader (it calms the nerves) and foodie although I'm not really into bizarro Survivor type foods like Eye of Newt and alligator scrotum. The site was supposed to be launched last year but through a series of lazy hazy days, last year became this moment. I'm committed to bringing you the most fabulous recipes that have been tweaked by me. I warn you, my food is not for the flavorless palates that plague many nations. You must be brave, enjoy the pungent taste of garlic and savor the sweet and savory flavors I concoct on a daily basis.
The blog will be called The Boar and Baker and we'll have a ball making everything from quick work night dinners to brilliant roasts, crusty pizza's and a wide variety of confections, cakes, cookies and tarts. Look for The Boar and the Baker on Blogspot!