Friday, November 14, 2008

Sick Day

I must have had some bizarre 24 hour flu bug clinging to my immune system yesterday, leaving me exhausted, feverish and completely disoriented. I felt like I was having some sort of unearthly out-of-body experience, similar to vertigo, yet not quite as severe. Like some cheap drunk with a shot of speed, I wandered into my acupuncturists office searching for some holistic meds and a couple of needles to straighten me out. Dr. Perretta is a miracle worker my friends. She is not only a chiropractor extraordinaire, but a Chinese medicine doctor, hitting all my vital channels and energy points with precision and expertise. Yesterday she treated one particular point on my lower leg that helps compromised immune system's, allowing your Chi run freely through your body. Wellness and maintenance of your body is important to keep the energy at a maximum level. She told me that the Chinese believe that if that point is needled everyday, you'll live to be 100. I could handle that as long as my health was in optimum form.

Anyway, I'm feeling so much better today and I honestly believe that my natural cure-all's helped expedite and rid my body of the germy foreign invaders that resided me to complete bed rest last evening. I also indulged in several packs of Emergen-C, dosing myself up with loads of vitamin C and B12.

I stayed in my nightie till noon today, watching a parade of shows ranging from Today to The Waltons, to my all time guilty pleasure and the show everyone loves to hate...The View. The Hot Topics portion of the show is the best. It's the time when they all seem to fight about the issues and of course, the all-important air time they get with each kindergarten response. I think my favorite is Joy Behar, comic turned pop political pundit, who eats and breaths liberalism, at least that's what she portrays on the show. Mostly, I enjoy her Catskill comic delivery and Borscht Belt jokes, leaving me no alternative than to call her a hack with much love and delight. As you know, I was a huge fan of Rosie O'Donnell on the show and basked in sweet emotion when she slayed Elisabeth Hasselback and her right wing agenda on live television. You couldn't ask for better t.v. I still have it on my DVR and play it every once in a while when I've had a horrible day at work and want to take out a co-worker with not only words, but those coveted, infamous dirty I keep locked away in the vault for safe keeping. The lesson learned from that particular incident was keep friends close and your enemies off FOX News! LOL!

After The View, a few shots of V-8 and a couple of Tylenol, I took a hot, steamy shower and got ready for my therapy session. I didn't want to cancel. I'm committed to my recovery and devoted to my empowerment. I am finally on the doorstep of being the woman I have always dreamt of becoming. I am ushering in a new phase of my life with risks, hard work, belief in myself and with the guidance of my doctor, a brand new outlook for my future. Today, I spent most of my session crying about my mother's illness, wishing that I'd wake up from this bloody nightmare and all would be well in Rene's kingdom. Ha! If life were so simple and easy. It's hard to relinquish control of a person and their illness. How do you let go of someone so precious and special in your life? Can you ever recover from such a loss or are you forever adrift on a sea of bereft moments, shadowed by glimpses of empathy and hope that one day you will reunited with that soul in the Light. I think death comes when the eyes close and instead of darkness, you see nothing but Light...the Light of God, welcoming you into paradise. And when the tears begin to flow with a massive outpouring of emotion, you can either let it paralyze and engulf you or you can follow their Light which will forever remain in your heart of hearts, glowing and beaming for years to come. I choose the Light...her Light.

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