Thursday, November 11, 2010

Random Thoughts and Phrases

Stop digging your heels in too deep Ms Thing. That's the best advice I can give to a middle aged woman on the brink of extinction, surviving on a diet of drive-by meanness, back-handed insults, condescension mixed with a little acid, Grey Goose, minus the ass-kissing olives I've banned from premises. "Excuse me young man, I'd also like a nice slice of Brie with that. I need to smooth out all the BS with a double creme fromage aged in a room filled with phonies."

Thank God I took a course in "Whoop-Ass" while I was an undergraduate at a small, inner city junior college back in the 1980's. I never thought my street-wise value system would fair very well in such a conservative, wooden environment but as usual, my instincts proved me wrong. I flipped my iPod on to the "Slapshots" play list only to find myself listening "Vehicle," by The Ides of March. I felt like such a bad-ass when I listened to that song like a Pink Lady of Grease fame or Leather Tuscaderowho was the coolest of cool chicks on Happy Days. I walk through the hallways, wishing I could pull-off a pair of skin-tight black leather pants, plugged in, tuned out, thinking that this is the cross-roads of my life. If I make the wrong decision, it could prove to be a gigantic, foolish misstep or it could be the leap of faith I've needed for almost a decade. I've been comfortable far too long and that is pure, unadulterated poisen to a woman with big dreams who came from meager beginnings. I've lost my edge but from time to time, I have hit my stride thrusting my acerbic diatribes on those that are deserving. Will my life turn out like a dark and dank episode of Twin Peaks or will it be filled with mid-western love. I can only hope for the latter. I heard the "Dust Bowl" is lovely at this time of the year.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Two Party Systems Aren't Working

The Democratic National Committee just called my house to talk about a Supreme Court Ruling from months ago. What about the BP oil spill and how I'm no happy about how our president has handled this....and what about the war? I thought we were supposed to pull-out. I've been a liberal my whole life and often identify myself as a Democrat but it's become more clear to me that a two party political system does not work. The DNC's defense was "Well BP isn't an American company," and my response was "if you invest in a global economy, participate in it and embrace it, does it really matter who caused the problem." It shouldn't take our president two months to finally meet with these environmental pirates and try to resolve this with just money. I really wish Hillary had won...I think things would have been a lot...A LOT better.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

BP Oil or How to ruin an ocean in one flip of the switch!

I am not a blind follower of any party, although the democratic/liberal forum is primarily where my political ideology lies. If Obama or whomever doesn't have the power to fix this, then who does. If they make something that cannot be fixed or patched, whose standing at the watchtower to stop these environmental bastards. Just a few weeks before BP's off-shore drilling rig blew to shreds, Obama was quick to say we are going to drill in the Atlantic. I will fight that tooth and nail. I feel like a lot of people who voted for him are blindly going along with anything he says. In order to be a more powerful people, we must be quick to question the "powers that be" and educate ourselves on what's best for the greater good. I'm sickened by this but moreover, I'm sickened by Americans who don't vote or participate in the process. Where are all those naked hippies who romped in the mud at Woodstock? If they really kept true to their belief systems, their kids wouldn't have grown up to be complacent, spoiled brats who care only of themselves. It's just like the war....most people just accepted it and moved on. Sad isn't it? (exit Soap Box stage left.)

Friday, April 30, 2010

Video Vignettes

I've been a little blocked lately but my radar tells me that a tsunami of words are about to violently wash up on shore. I've started doing video vignettes because my life has always been scripted to an extra special soundtrack, (no, not play list...I'm old school) possibly even a double album of musical ditties that take me back to a moment. I'm very interested right now in moments of time that have profoundly affected my persona. Some are special and wonderful while others are a bit sad, even melancholy. I never said this K-Tel special was going to be the ultimate in musical genres, but however good or bad the song may be, they belong to my moments in time.

Maxi Priest - Close to you

The Radiators - Like Dreamers Do