Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hurt Back

It happened while I was turning around in my bathroom. I twisted when I should have swirled and then, snap, my back is slightly out. I felt the bone move, not a good thing. It was slight but enough to know it is "out" and could be a precursor to so much more pain. I'm very gun shy with my back and know when to stay home and when to keep moving. I'm in a gray area right now and sitting seems to be more comfortable than laying down which goes directly against my chiropractor's advice. It's hard to lay in bed and be in pain. You just sprawl yourself out, prop yourself up with pillows and watch bad court shows, hoping at some point to feel less pain. Right now, I'm in my dining room, ice pack on my lower back, pajamas on, blogging. I'm going to head up stairs in a few minutes to try and rest until later in the day when my miracle doctors has office hours. She'll snap, crackle and pop me back into place and possibly needle me up! Think good thoughts for me.

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Tamlyn Raven said...

Thinking many good thoughts. Feel better!