Monday, November 17, 2008

Boo Hoo "Famous for Bad Behavior" Starlets

I happened to be researching on the web yesterday for my upcoming article and somehow came across a recent blurb about Lindsay Lohan getting pelted with a bag of flour as a result of her, well...pelt. PETA later took credit for the incident in France, claiming that Li-Lo has consistently used animal fur to perpetuate her LA trash style that she does so well. Recently, the Olsen twins were doused with unknown liquids and barraged with insults because of their love for dead animal coats and accessories.

Get over it girls. Why don't you get the message and move on from wearing fur? How many insults need to be hurled, anti-you articles have to be written or bags of white powder need to be tossed before you realize that your ethics are screwed up and you rightfully deserve a nice squirt of red spray paint across your coveted mink wrap. Let's move on from this nonsense. These girls need to concentrate on their fledgling acting careers rather than make stupid and reckless fashion statements across the globe. What kind of examples are these young women for your daughters? There is a long laundry list of starlets with prescription drug problems, eating disorders, sex addictions, unwanted pregnancy's, and various other bad behaviors. Teach your children well and remember to always set a good example for the impressionable girls in your life. Lindsay and the "Twins" haven't had a hit for years, but I still enjoy an episode or two of Full House now and then!

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