Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Liberal Response

This blog is in response to an email sent to me recently.

I wasn't going to respond to your email simply because I don't share your vision of the world but then I realized that this needed to be addressed. Liberalism does not, as you say, victimize people, it gives Americans an alternative to conservatism, something I will never identify with. I'm not rich, don't belong to a country club, have friends of all colors, sexual orientations and religions and support gay marriage. This is a democracy which ensures the right that all people are created equal and have a right to live their lives in any manner that they chose. To simply write off poor people as "do nothings" is a broad sweeping statement and a bit too Fox News for my taste. When you meet people who have been in cyclical social welfare programs, you find many of them to be poor women with children who have been mortally disenfranchised by our country and by the social programs that offer nothing but "time-outs" and little professional training. How do you expect someone who lives in a project to succeed in life? It's possible on case by case situation but is it realistic for the masses? Their road to success is far different than yours or mine and I am empathetic to that plight. If you don't have people around you that support your life, it's difficult to break out of particular types of lifestyles. I grew up in an Italian working/middle class household and unless a ton of money falls on my head, I'm going to stay middle class. You can be determined and focused all you want, but if live in an environment that does not promote education or success, you run the risk of succumbing to the negative forces that surround you.

I have no issue paying more taxes to help out the poor of our nation but what I do have a problem with is paying for this war. I would never write a check for death and destruction, murder, rape and torture, but I suppose that's what we've all been doing for the last eight years. If given a choice, I'm sure most Americans that live in progressive areas of the country would stop payment on that check...once and for all!

Obama was not my first choice in the beginning but when I opened my mind to him, his philosophies began take root. John McCain is a not such a wonderful person (read the Rolling Stone article and I'm sure you'll not feel the same way) and being tortured does not give you carte blanche to be the president. America needs to be healed from all the horrible things that have happened over the last eight years of a Bush administration. He is the worst president we have ever had and I've protested against him since the very beginning. Conservatives use fear and religion as their platform, which sickens me! They say they support life (pro life) yet they support the death penalty and oil wars. Over four thousand Americans and countless innocent Iraqi's have died because of his vile lies. Saddam Hussein had been evil for decades and if you research, you'll find out that America gave him plenty of weapons in the late 1970's and early 80's to fend off Iran, our then arch enemy. He was committing genocide on his own people for years before we intervened.

I'm sure that Obama is more than a good speaker. His story is what you say you respect....someone who came from nothing to be educated in Ivy League schools and to become the first black president of the USA. His wife has a similar story. They both credit their families for their amazing success and honestly, if all those "do nothing" people had that type of support everyday, they would probably be out there clambering for jobs with the rest of us poor slobs. I believe that an Obama presidency will usher us into a new decade of hope, where capitalism and greed will not rise to the forefront as it has done in the past. He's not a miracle worker but he's exactly what we need to bring people together rather than perpetuate the divisive behaviors and ideologies that have literally torn our nation in two. Don't be afraid of the left, the water is much warmer on this side of the fence!

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Anonymous said...

My last visit:
On a beginning and ending note, let me say that I have always had great respect for you, and hope that in the exchange of view points that there are no hard feelings. You were my salvation at Hofstra, as you guided me through those years. To me, you are strong, powerful, beautiful, intelligent, and everything a real woman should be. Having said that, I have a few last thoughts, but one in particular I would like to share.
About your point on remaining middle class, and this sums up my perspective. There is no reason to stay "middle class", simply because of where you come from.
You don't need "a heap of money dropped onto your head" in order to see increase or perhaps prosperity.
You have many a God given talent, especially one being in writing. With your education and intelligence, you could become a best selling author if you wanted to. It may not be a dream of yours, and I am certainly not trying to tell you what to do with your life. But please, don't render yourself a powerless woman who is stuck in the class system unless some windfall occurs.
This is the same fateful message being sent to one too many Americans with hardship on thier side.
Just like the unfortunate people of this country need to realize, there is always the freedom of CHOICE. Even if for them that means to stay in school and get educated, use contraception, or to simply be an upstanding citizen. None of the above are hard to do, for anyone. I cannot accept, even in the face of tremendous adversity and strife, that anyone in this life is powerless.
As for picking a side of the fence, I'm on neither side, and right where I want to be. I'm all about lending a hand where necessary, but I would love to see some personal and social responsibility for a change.
Now go write that book. You'll make millions. That way, you can really lend a hand. Love and Peace - Chris