Sunday, July 20, 2008

What It Means to Vote for a Woman

This will be the first time in my illustrious voting history that I will not be excited to vote for the candidate. I know this is a historic occasion and will probably be working at the last debate (held at Hofstra on Oct 15) but I'm not overly enthused. You know me, I'm a die hard Democrat so voting for an R would never be an option. I'm still pissed at Ralph Nader for screwing up the 2000 election so, by default, I will vote for OBAMA. I realize Hillary is NOT the perfect candidate but in the years since college, I've grown to be quite an out-spoken feminist. After dealing with abysmal male boss's for years, I think I'm a bit of a man least in the professional arena. I put up with them...that's it. One of my old boss's was such a nimrod, he needed bell's and whistles chiming to tell him to take a shit. I saw Hillary as a means to the beginning of an end. She's the closest things our gender has had to the real deal...someone who can bridge the gender gap and help break that flippin' glass ceiling. I swore I'd kiss the ground in front of my house if she won. Although many of my political aspirations have been dashed for this presidential season, I'm confident that an uprising will take place at the convention...a coup d'etat if you may. Tell me why a person who won more votes in primaries than in any other presidential race in history is not the Democratic candidate. God, I can feel the blood pressure rising. I do honestly believe, that without her, he cannot win. He may win in the Northeast Corridor and in California but other than that, I think we are going to see just how scary the Red States can be. I hope that epiphany hits his adviser's soon or else we're stuck with another white Anglo-Saxon, Protestant president. Gee, what a bloody surprise!

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linda said...

There is no way I'm voting for Obama. I have seen nothing about him to inspire me to do so. I'm writing in Hillary, if the promised convention uprising doesn't happen. As for all the fearmongers who keep telling me to "unite" with them against McCain, I say to them:

1. Where were you in '04? In 25 words or less, tell me what you did in 2004 to help defeat Bush. And now you accuse ME of not uniting against a scary Republican? I don't think so.

2. After living through Bush, McCain will be nothing. Besides, McCain's against torture, which is clearly our pressing world issue right now.