Saturday, July 19, 2008

Splish Splash or Getting Your Frustrations Out

After attending my weekly acupuncture/chiropractic appointment, my mother and I came home, escaping the dense July heat in the lovely surroundings of my air-conditioned home. Sensing that she had other things on her agenda today, I ventured into the yard and found the hubby struggling to put together another China made hunk-of-junk patio ensemble. We managed to get most of the Jack and Jill benches together when we discovered that we were sorely short changed with sawed off screw's that were much too short to keep the piece stable. Thank God we have a wide assortment of hardware in our basement, easily fixing another crappy, sub-standard product from the world's biggest human rights violators.

The sun scorched our backs and burned our faces so we knew it was time to pack up our tools and head for our quite small but very effective yardly oasis, the pool. The water was a warm 85 degrees so we floated around, still tired from our earlier physical exertion. We chatted a bit, here and there, but for the most part, we floated. Sometimes, it's nice to not talk with your spouse but rather just be. I know it's hard to believe that I enjoyed being silent and quiet. I've never been known to be a fading flower or someone who is shy. There are times when silence is important to sustain a normal, healthy and flourishing relationship. Not really knowing why is probably a good thing. I simply follow the recipe from time to time and hallelujah, problems solved. Nothing is that simple my friends...if they were, we would all be struck mute!

My summer secret to adjusting stress and relationship tensions comes from an old fashioned water bomb/splasher fight in the pool. We have these new fangled splasher balls from this quirky five and dime store in Stone Harbor, New Jersey but I'm sure you could find them in any Target or dare I say Wal-Mart store nationwide. I'm also equipped with super splasher water guns that shoot in upwards of 12 feet. The fight usually begins with one of us doing a simple dunk on the other and from that point on, it's WAR! Today, we spent at least 30 minutes ramming dunk balls into the others face, neck and back. Barraging each other with no sense of relief is not only fun but therapeutic. Our laughter was from the gut. We played like little kids, thrashing our bodies around as if we had never swam before. Our minute pool seemed like and ocean as our water logged bodies gave way to well earned exhaustion.

I feel like we accomplished something rather important today, ignoring all the signs to hide away from the soaring temperatures. By being together, working as team and playing as wildy crazy kids, our bond became stronger. It's nice to spend time with friends apart from your spouse but my first choice is always to hang out with the one I love. It's important to remember why you are together and how to keep it that way forever. It takes hard work, continuity, excitement and determination to make any relationship work. Man...I'm tired. I think I'll have to wait a bit longer for another round of spouse on spouse water bomb crimes!

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vic said...

Just for the record, I won that round of splash. I loved hanging out with you too.