Thursday, July 31, 2008

Boredom and All The Things That Come With It

Again, I sit and wait for something fabulous to happen to me. I often wonder how it will come. Will it fall from the sky like a bucket of money or will it be a large grand piano, stomping out my dreams forever...or maybe it will be one of those annoying, rusty old air conditioner's in Manhattan that occasionally fall from some tenant's window, maiming, even killing their victims. I think my success will come like a thief in the night...quick and efficient with little margin for error. I'm going to be on of those overnight sensations that people have been pining for and wondering where I've been hiding my self. Someone once accused me of that and my snide response was laced with the type of belligerent language that is easy to disguise, or not. "My friend, I've been right here above the rock you've been living under! How does it feel to breath air that's not littered with slug juice."

There are those that think I am competent and well versed while there is a large contingency of nay sayers, most of them fans of nepotism, who never believed in my abilities. To them I tip my hat for I am the one with continuity, staying power and the innate belief in myself and my many talents. On the eve of my "other impaired" success, meaning at the epicenter of my boredom, I pray for the real success to happen. I'm so over this place and all it has to offer. And just for the record, please remind me what that is because after all these years, those things have been so muddled and embroiled in scandal, I can't seem to figure it out.

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