Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dirty Bow Wow

Well, it's summer and my pooch stinks! She gets groomed every five weeks but the minute she is unleashed in our sprawling backyard, she dives deeply into the dirt, rolling viciously too and fro. I reprimand her constantly, only stopping her for a brief moment, until I turn my back and she's going at it again. I can't seem to break her of the stinky habit. She smells like raw eggs when she comes into the house, which makes me gag. I love Velvet...she's my girl but the fact that she stanks throughout the summer definitely curtails our snuggling sessions. I have a great coconut doggie perfume, brush her every other day and even give her the occasional quickie bath with Pet Wipes. All of these remedies work for a short time but once they wear off, we're back to where we started. I'm determined to fix this odoriferous issue this summer and plan on giving her an "in between" bath this weekend. I don't want to keep her locked up in the house when I get home from work or the beach. She's stuck inside all winter and honestly, once school starts, it's hard to get her out enough. We take long, peaceful walks on the weekend but during the week, it's hard. My goal this fall is to walk her everyday. She loves it and I enjoy bonding with her. Velvet smiles at everyone...literally. The lesson to be learned here is that even when something you love isn't always perfect, it still desperately needs your time and attention...and especially your love. It's nothing a good bath won't fix!

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