Saturday, August 23, 2008

Voting Machine Fraud

An archived piece from November 2006 I just watched Hacking Democracy on HBO and I am all fired up! Women died and were tortured for the right to vote (see Iron Jawed Angels) and filthy corporations, whose sole motivation is greed, are raping our democracy of the very rights our fore fathers put forth. With one flip of the switch they are able to turn hundreds of thousands of votes in a different direction. Kudos to the founder of Black Box Voting for having the courage to stand up to Diebold and fight the fight. I wish I was so brave. Tomorrow I will be calling the League of Women Voters to find out if New York State has purchased those machines from Diebold. If they have, I will be asking for a paper ballot on election day. I refuse...flatly vote on such a machine and if any of you are interested in picketing polling places in protest of the machines...ring me up. How much longer can we really keep up this charade. Call it what it is...(you fill in the blank). One day we are going to wake up to an occupation...WAKE UP PEOPLE and smell the vodka. We are knee deep in this shit and simply don't know how to get out of it. I'm scared of Big Brother...I hope y'all are too!

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