Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lost Faith in Women

I have lost faith in women. You can yack about the Ya Ya Sisterhood of the Traveling what have you's but from my extensive experience and know how on women, I have found that many of them are back biting, nasty little whippets. Woman against woman crimes are on the rise and they are not pretty to watch. I've consistently tried to be a helpful, caring person, always looking out for not only my friends and family but neighbors, students and the average Joe I sit next to on the subway. When my attempts of being human are rebuffed, I react. Sometimes I scoff at the ignorance of these wannabees while at other times, I sit and lick my wounds, feeling defeated and foolish for thinking my help might be needed.

I'm finished with in women that is. I've always been a pretty good Catholic, fumbling and making mistakes along the way, but never disrespecting those that have a good heart. In Long Island, I have met more women who are self consumed, two faced, nasty, mean, fake, phony and not worthy of my friendship or my help. From this point on, I will stick with my guy friends and the special women who have accepted and nourished my caring spirit. You all know who you are and I will always cherish our relationships. For all others, step off.


Anonymous said...

Here’s your opportunity to vote for a women – Sarah Palin. Are you going to change your mind and vote for a women VP?


Rene' said...

Hmmmm....and my answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT! When I vote for a woman, I want to be proud of my choice. Voting for a super conservative, religious fanatic is not my idea of a good VP or Prez. It was Hillary or bust for me. I'm on board with Obama now. He "Baraked My World" last night! Sorry for the pun. It was a pin I saw at the Farmer's Market in Union Square today. My sister bought it and now I wish I had too!

reneontheworld master blogger!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that your so discouraged, but society often leaves me with my mouth open wondering "what the hell just happened?" I'm often asked why I helped out a stranger and it even annoys me more when someone asks why I've helped out someone I know. It leaves your head spinning.