Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thoughts About the Democratic Convention.....

Today, most people care about what affects them personally..taxes, gas prices, property values and maybe, just maybe the war somewhere on their list of 242 things falling between toe jam and hairy ears. I'm totally disgusted by ignorant Americans who still smoke like stacks, eat McDonald's endlessly and vote Republican when they couldn't get accepted into a country club to save their lives. I'm not expecting any miracles this time around...I'm a cynic remember. I watched all the movies on the 2000 election, Karl Rove and the conspiracy movies about 9/11. If Americans can't get it together this time around, we are permanently sailing on a ship of fools. I just wish it wasn't Obama. I wanted Hillary and that's the honest truth. She ran a lousy campaign and suffered the ultimate price for it. Obama is a great candidate, just not mine. It was the right time for a woman, I will always believe that. I'm not impressed by motivational speakers...I always feel suspect of them and feel they have a hidden agenda. He's not a Kennedy or Kennedy-like and if he was, I'd probably dislike him more. I wanted a woman and I am still bitter about the whole deal. I just can't digest the fact that she won more popular votes than any candidate in a presidential election...and she's not the nominee. I was holding out for the convention, hoping she would make it through somehow, but considering this dog and pony show starts tomorrow, I hate to admit that she's dead in the water with no chance to clinch the nomination...and so is my hope for a democratic prez.

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