Monday, August 4, 2008

Police Show Tonight

I've been waiting for months for The Police to come to Jones Beach. When I first heard the news from a friend several months ago, I thought they were telling a naughty fib. Outraged at the audacity of this "friend" I lashed out at them, half yelling and half joking, "You can joke about a lot, but not my band. There is no way they would come to stop lying and lets move on." When they pulled out the full page ad from Newsday, I quickly suffered a seizure of foot in mouth disease and then began to scream and jump, full force, in a public parking lot. band was coming to my county, my beach, my theater....but was I ready for such an auspicious occasion? Not in the least and as the clock ticks away, beep by beep this afternoon, I feel a belly full of dragon flies, poking around my innards, making me a combo platter of basket case and bleepin groupie. It didn't help that I watched "Almost Famous" last night in honor of rock and roll in general. I wanted to be William (the character in the movie) most of my college and adult life. I tried to interview Sting years ago but instead spent the evening with Ted Nugent and the members of Bad Company, minus Paul Rogers. I had a few other brushes with Gordon himself, even face to face, but we are star crossed interviewer/interviewee strangers. I gave it my all back in the day, making valiant, credible attempts to work for Rolling Stone, wishing that I could have at least one bi-line from the rag. I even got a great letter from former managing editor, Sid Holt, who complimented my writing and encouraged me to get as much experience as possible. Still, I'm not a rock writer like I had planned and dreamed but I can still enjoy the music. All hope is not lost yet on my dashed dreams of Rolling Stone glory. It could still happen. I have to keep telling myself it's not a pipe dream and go for it. I put my writing career on hold for 15 years and baby, I'm coming back with an almighty vengeance. The plot thickens.....

I'll be back with an up to date Police review in the morning. Tonight, I'm in the first stadium, tomorrow, 10th row center. To say I'm excited would be a huge understatement. Tonight is for the soul and about being a true band aid!

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