Saturday, August 30, 2008

McCain's VP Candidate

I'm not sure what to write about Sarah Palin since I still don't know much about her. Here's what I do know:

  • She's a proud member of the NRA

  • Has five children, the youngest just four months old and the oldest is in Iraq serving with the US Army

  • Wants oil drilling in the Alaska Wildlife Preserve

  • Wants off-shore oil drilling

  • Very conservative

  • Pro-Life

  • Super Christian

  • 44 years of age

  • Local Beauty Queen

  • Former sportscaster

  • Owned a snow mobile dealership

  • Married to Todd Palin, an oil drilling worker

  • Alaska Governor for only 16 months

  • Appears flaky and inexperienced

  • Describes herself as a soccer mom

  • Has no foreign policy experience

  • Is a heart attach away from being leader of the Free World

A political buddy of mine posted this youtube link on his AIM and I stole it to post here. You decide for yourself on how you feel about her. I will not vote for her simply because she's a woman. Her beliefs are on the other end of the spectrum from mine and although I think she is probably a nice lady (for God's sake, she's three years older than me) I don't think she is up to snuff for a VP candidate. It angers me that McCain did this. Hillary Clinton worked so hard for every vote and McCain exploited her candidacy. Most liberal women will not look Palin's way. I think we all feel insulted and deceived by the McCain camp. Palin appeals to the uber Christian, super conservative base and that's about it.

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Jennifer said...

I completely agree. I feel that it's a really cheap shot and insults the intelligence of women who voted for Hillary. I hear a lot of people saying how excited and proud it makes them to have a woman running for VP, but I really do think it's a manipulation tactic to try to draw disaffected Clinton supporters and get them to vote against their own interests. It makes me feel more sick to my stomach than proud. Whatever Palin's merits may be, she's no HIllary Rodham Clinton..and I didn't even vote for Clinton.