Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Mornings

I awoke this morning around 8:30am in a cheerful mood, anticipating the happenings of the day. My usual routine on a Sunday morning is to drink a giant soup cup of java while listening to the "Beatles Brunch Show" on the radio, watching Vic cook me some sort of breakfast meat that is only allowed on the holiest day of the week. Not really, but we are both on Weight Watchers and feel Sunday is a good day to indulge in a whopping, full-fledged breakfast extravaganza. It gives us both a week to burn off any excess bagels bulge from the prior week.

I wait for Sunday to taste savory organic eggs, lightly fried in an imported extra virgin olive oil, lightly salted and peppered with a dash of garlic powder to add a bit of zest to the dish. I usually eat one egg and two egg whites, still trying to be good, even when I'm about to be a boorish wench and eat whatever my belly craves on a lovely Sunday morning during the height of summer. I also enjoy some hearty bread toasted on the coals but my trusty toaster oven purchased on Amazon with a gift card from my old, generous boss will due. I don't enjoy lightly toasted breads, and I especially hate toast done on one side...I'm not British, at least the last time I checked thank you very much. Crusty, deeply browned bread turns me on in the morning. You know it's done when you can smell the tiny nooks hardened from the heat and the crumbs just begin to smell burnt. A nice smear of Kate's Homemade Butter straight out of the wilds of Maine, enhances the flavor nicely, never overpowering the bread itself. I like to think of it as partnership of hard and soft palatable pleasures that are only known to breakfast fanatics everywhere. Really, who eats toast for lunch? OK, you may have a few Tuna Melt aficionado's out there but for the most part, toast is a mainstay on the global breakfast menu.

Now, for the delicious breakfast meats, you must try an aged, uncured pork bacon as apposed to a turkey variety, laced in sodium. I was surprised at how much salt is used in Turkey bacon and find it to taste gamy at best. I found one brand, Coleman, in the regular supermarket that touts its organic origins. The taste is magnifique! Recently, Vic tried to cook a pound of it on the BBQ grill when we had weekend guests and found that bacon and an open flame don't mix. We had huge grill fire with flames reaching at least three feet in height. It was a bit scary and we quickly realized that the way to put out a grease fire is not with water. Thank heavens Vic fared well and didn't get hurt or burned. Otherwise, we salvaged the bacon and cooked it the old fashioned way, on top of the stove in a safe frying pan. The result was a crisp, non fatty bacon that was really good and healthy for you..or not!

Our eggs were almost ready, so we melted just a tiny bit of Jarlsberg cheese over them to ensure a full cholesterol smorgasbord of tasty delights that would sustain us till dinner time. In fact, we occasionally have breakfast for dinner, always a highlight of my week.

It is the marriage of eggs and cheese, toast and bacon and a nice spicy tomato juice that can add romance to any given Sunday morning. Bite after bite of this familiar, yet delicious breakfast is a mainstay in our home. I can't wait till next Sunday. Gee, I wonder what I'll have to eat for breakfast?

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LIZA said...

you didn't learn ANYTHING from my donut grease fire story?!!? i'm actually glad to hear someone else did it for once!! your breakfast sounded DELISH! imagine if we could eat that EVERY day!? mmmmmm