Thursday, September 11, 2008

Upcoming Blogs & Previews

There has been so much going on in not only THE WORLD, but my world, so it's hard to decide what to write about. I have a million stories in the bag but I'm not in a very reflective mood this morning. I'm still home, taking good care of my fickle back, working another coveted half-day, much to the dismay of the powers that be but I have a hectic, all-important week ahead for a career I don't give a hoot about.

I must be prepared to look unprepared, a useful skill I've acquired recently after getting the big shaft. I was an eyewitness to a royal shafting years ago when I worked at IBM. It happened to a close college friend of mine and although I had an idea it was going to happen, when the actual event took place, it was not only bloody and catty, but a vicious sacrificial ceremony to the underworld God's of back-biting career climbers. Unfortunately, next week, I'll have to sit across the table from my arch enemy, pretending all the while that I am professional and upright young career woman. Inside, the molten lava will be churning, ready to spew at any moment. I must confess, I am not a poker player, so holding my emotions in will be a hard won task. My face is often a map of my emotions and if no one else in the room sees it except for her, I'll have won. If not, well then I suppose I'm in for a bit of a soupy mess. Bring it on! I've been waiting for this for years.

When I was in the city a few weeks ago, I visited an epic Halloween horror store, filled with gory ghouls, freakish costumes and interesting, inappropriate nick-knacks. I picked up something that looked like the "Love Glove" from Yellow Submarine, finding out that it had nothing to do with love or affection. The glove highlighted the middle finger (THE FINGER) and when you pressed the button, the hand extended several inches, screeching out, "FUCK YOU," over and over again. I was stunned, appalled and pleasantly surprised all at once. I think this gadget could prove useful for discontented postal workers and unhappy inhabitants of professional offices worldwide.

I'm not really sure what angered my spine the other day but it could have been the behavior of one particular sociopath I encountered but I'd rather not give credit to another useless entity that calls themselves a human being. I do know one thing, my phone number is not 1-900-Porn. Some people are so pathetic, sad and pitiful. I have zero sympathy and even less patience so the next time you get turned on, make sure it isn't on the other end of my phone. Heads will roll.

OK. Now, I'd like to preview some upcoming blog topics. I know that things are getting a little heated and political right now but it's election season and although we thankfully don't face another four years of "W" this is a pivotal tour de force which must be addressed and nurtured.
Here are the topics for discussion:

==George Stephanpoulos @ Hofstra
==Amy Goodman, Democracy Now
==The Walton's Affect on My Life
==Shopping for Veggies at Farmers Markets
==Dust Balls in My Brain
==Late Night Love Songs
==Little Hands in Yours
==Lunch with Friends @ The Peddler (pictures and mugs will be taken)

I look forward to any comments you have and encourage you to post! I love the feed-back and hope you are enjoying what I hope will turn into a column or book someday.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rene,

Nice work on the blog.

Will be back soon to chat.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Would love to hear what George Stephanpoulos has to say!


Anonymous said...

who is lcm?


Anonymous said...

Rene says - "I want to hear that glass ceiling do more than crack...I want that mother shattered beyond recognition and I want fair pay for all my sisters"

Rene then says - "When I vote for a woman, I want to be proud of my choice. Voting for a super conservative, religious fanatic is not my idea of a good VP or Prez." ??? Only if your a Democrate?

Anonymous said...

What I said is exactly right. I never said I would vote for a woman simply because we share the same gender. I defend my comments whole heartily, especially since only morans would vote for a candidate based on their sex. You have to believe in the policies that they put forth, as well as their entire platform. I am a roaring Democrat and quite proud of my liberal roots. I believe in unions, equal pay for equal work, free press (which we no longer have) and a variety of other leftist things. Sue me if you don't like it or simply stop reading.