Monday, September 15, 2008

George Stephanapoulos @ Hofstra Or How I Won My Own War

I couldn't have been more in awe than this afternoon, while I watched, listened and absorbed the infinite wisdom of political strategist, turned political pundit, George Stephanapoulos. I must be honest with my readers, I was quite prejudiced to this modern day mover and shaker even before he hit the stage at the Adams Playhouse.

In 1992, when I was a dirt poor, struggling writer supporting the candidacy of Bill Clinton, I saw a young Greek ingenue on television speaking about his boss, soon to be President William Jefferson Clinton. I was excited to see someone young out there with politics on their minds, at least liberal politics, since I had just suffered through a discouraging three years at CW Post listening to the mantra of Republican students born with silver spoons up their asses speaking about ridiculous ideologies in all my Political Science classes They were so graciously hosted by mentor, friend and professor, Stanley Kline, a conservative quagmire, open to any and all ideas, left and right. He only once balked at me when I was hell-bent on confronting my then teacher and standing US Senator Al D'Amato (Senator Pothole to you!) during the Lithuanian crisis of 1990. I think I may have used my last Community Chest card when I flashed the cover of Newsday with Al's mug gleaming brightly on the front page of the tabloid. My professor scowled at me, slicing his finger across his neck, yet, he still allowed me, and I use that word sparingly since it sounds sexist and he wasn't, to spew my own view the world and the state of our country in class, live and uncensored, knowing it would spark controversy and heated debates. I had supporter's in there but for the most part, I liked to fly solo, exhausting my war chest of information, taken directly from liberal publications, journals and periodicals I had researched in the college library. I knew my song well before I sang it! Doing research was a lot tougher before Al Gore discovered the Internet. All my librarian friends can attest to that fact and those of you who attended undergrad with me know my primal fear of libraries. It still exist today so if anyone wonders why I never visit The Bryant, there you have it! The strange twist of fate is that I married someone who works in a library and is on his way as we speak to his second masters..this one in Library Science. What can I say? I like to keep the enemy's close and even sleep with them on occassion!

I was always ready to fight the fight for my party but I suppose I would never describe myself as a party soldier. I am a loyalist in doctrine only. I must support the candidates platform, not simply the candidate, another reason why I have such a flagrant distaste for our old pal from the north, Sarah Palin. Grant it, she's a woman, just not the kind of woman I would want representing me in our government. I will not vote for a woman simply because of her sex. I can't state that enough and hope that I get through to any angry Hillary supporters who still cling to her fast fading star. Vote for the lesser evil my friends. Our time will come!

George Stephanopoulos spoke for about 45 minutes on the state of our nation, the election and the tumultuous economy rocked today by the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the buy-out of Merrill Lynch and the shaky nature of both JP Morgan and AIG. He explained why the Democrats seem to be losing momentum and how the Palin affect caught the Obama/Biden ticket off-guard and blind-sided them with both surprise and fear. Stephanapoulos claimed that McCain needed to pick a VP candidate that not only rocked the party but united them. Her following comes directly from the religious right, the foundation and base of the Republican party. He also added that Obama made a dire mistake in not asking Hillary Clinton to be his running mate because of the clout and pour she wields throughout the country with both liberal men and especially women. It would have been a dream ticket...a winning ticket, but the opportunity is gone and so may be the chance to get a Democrat back in the White House.

One thing I found very interesting, especially from someone who worked on the first Clinton campaign, was the comment on why the Clinton's were stunned by Obama and his ability to fund-raise millions of dollars, making him a power player during this election season. Stephanapoulos added that he felt that both Bill and Hillary were jealous of Obama's wave riding rise to fame, much like their historical and unprecedented rise in 92'. Hillary Clinton was unable to capture that magic in her own campaign due to poor advice from strategist, including her hand-picked campaign manager, Patti Solis Doyle.

I was underwhelmed at many of the questions posed but I was struck by one older gentleman's comments on McCain's VP choice. He said he was a political junky, in his late 60's and a math professor at the University. After he finished a five minute monologue on his love for George, he claimed the John McCain had made a mockery out of the presidential election since he picked someone who was inexperienced and unworthy of the job. McCain has insulted the American people by choosing someone who is incapable of leading our nation. This is not a beauty pageant nor is it a high school basketball game. Move over Palin, Ms. Giminiani-Caputo is in the HOUSE! If someone like her can play the game, just think what a ballsy woman of the new millennium can do. Oh Hillary where for thou art!

The afternoon was well worth the wait. Kudos to Hofstra for putting on a great show with their Educate 08' program. It's well balanced and smart. Although most of the audience was of the older generation (average age about 75) the interaction was exciting and fulfilling. I wasn't that happy about the student population, mostly brought by their professors, who seemed apathetic at best. Where are all the fire-in-the-belly Obama-files the media brags about. I only know one and he's my nephew.

ANNOYING PALIN FACT OF THE DAY: She installed a tanning bed in the governor's mansion for her own private use. How vain can this person get?


Anonymous said...

If you were pregnant and discover your child (yes I said child) had Down syndrome. Would you abort the child?

Anonymous said...

Abortion should not be in the political arena because it's a medical procedure. The amount of abortions should be drastically reduced in this country as a result of well organized and thorough sex education programs that begin in sixth grade. Abstinance programs are not realistic. I'm not saying to take your daughter to Planned Parenthood and put her on the Pill once she gets her mentrual cycle, but I believe that parents need to take a more pivitol role in their childrens decision, especially when it involves sex. Remember, being on the pill only protects you from getting pregnant, not any sexually transmitted diseases such as Herpes, Genital Warts and the HPV virus which can turn into cervical cancer.

I am a woman of a certain age where there is a possibility that I could have a child with special needs and although it wouldn't be my first choice to give birth to a child with Down's Syndrome, the baby would be a product of the love my husband and I share. I think the case of these type of abortions are rare. And since I'm putting it out there, abortion should be allowed in rape and incest situations. How can you victimize the woman twice? It's unbearable.
Simply because Sarah Pallin is the mother of a child living with Down's Syndrome doesn't make her a saint, it only makes her a little more human than her glossy, cardboard Hollywood image appears.


Anonymous said...

I'll take that as a NO, and yes, you and Sarah have something in common is my point.

Anonymous said...

Actually, you are wrong and whoever you may be, your interpretation of she and I is profoundly incorrect. I believe in a woman's right to choose. I have not a thing in common with her and find her to be not only irritating but a disappointment as a woman.