Tuesday, September 9, 2008

132 Days till Destruction or Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful

Sitting in my dining room, thinking about the months to come and reflecting on a relaxing yet uneventful summer, I dream of finer days ahead. Just think about it, George Bush has only 132 days left in his abysmal run as the leader of the free world, Hillary Clinton announced that she will run for Senate Majority leader in 2009 and people are discovering just what a yahoo Sarah Palin really is or are they.

I decided to wait a few days till the Republican National Convention commenced before I began slowly dismantling the pathetic political career of John McCain's vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, a ballsy super Christian who appears she's sipped just a tad too much St. John's Wart tea. Smiling and grinning till her cheek muscles appear to have Bells Palsy, Palin salivates openly at her chance to sell her "pro-life, anti birth control, abstinence-loving, outlandish platform" to the scary base of the Republican Party. Who are these people and how does someone of her nature rise to national fame? With just an undergraduate degree in Communications under her lapel and ridiculous comments such as, "I've spent more time thinking about my state's problems and haven't kept up on the status of the Iraq war," I firmly believe she not qualified to be part of the Executive Branch of government. I cannot stress enough how profoundly offended I am by her. She is living a June Cleaver lifestyle of the 1950's, sad as it may seem, and although she is running for VP, her personal views on lifestyle promise to take women from the CEO seat to the toilet seat in one fell swoop. Frankly, I'm afraid of her and the Palinofiles who somehow feel empowered by her screwy speeches and flair for mediocrity.

I refuse to get into the cat fight mode, criticizing her lack of fashionista style but what I will comment on is her inability to reach educated, career women who realize they are not superwomen and can't quite have it all. Working moms across America, who must rely on dirty day care centers and entrust their love bundles to workers who make minimum wage cannot identify with her privileged lifestyle. This is a woman who has five children, one pregnant at 17 and one special needs infant, who flies all over the continental US to speak on behalf of her state, while her commercial fishing husband is out on ship for weeks. Who is caring for her children? I'm sure it's a well paid foreign nanny, something unattainable for many working families. Maybe if she stayed home more, her daughter wouldn't be pregnant and forced into marrying her high school lover, a marriage that will surely end badly.

I think she's the worst mother in America for sacrificing her eldest daughter in order to further her pitiful career aspirations. I saw one headline that read, "JUNO Alaska." This is a young girl who had no access to birth control (something the righties consider just as bad as abortion...NUTS!!!!) and gave in to her sexual curiosity and desires. Unfortunately, she became pregnant, something that could have been prevented. If her parents were so proud of her, why was she withdrawn from school for having mononucleosis five months ago? The hypocrisy is at an all-time high. I'm sure if my daughter ever becomes pregnant I won't be jumping for joy either, but I will never make her feel ashamed and will defend her till the end. I would never put my child in harms way to advance my own dreams, something Ms. Palin actively did and made no excuses for her own bad behavior.

I'm puzzled at her positive buzz right now and anticipate her house of cards collapsing once people wake up from their helium haze and see her for what she really is, an inexperienced hack. If the Democrats can't beat her, we're really in for a whopping four years of religious-right insanity.

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