Sunday, September 28, 2008

Debate Debacle

I'm not really sure what I saw on Friday evening. At times I was horrified, offended, happy, sad, empowered but I was also annoyed and bored for the most part. Sorry to use a myriad of jacked up emotions to describe what should have been a least for one of them, but all I saw was a bitter old man and a candidate who was afraid to walk the line for fear of losing the election. How are we as viewers supposed to fully understand the current platforms of candidates when all they do is waffle and fence straddle. I try never to practice either of those nasty little habits so I suppose I'd be a lousy politician and an even worse liar..oh but aren't they the same thing?

I'm a "No Nuke" voter who is disinterested in drilling for more oil, especially in the pristine wilds of Alaska but also oppose seeking out fossil fuel the greater Pacific, Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. Our nation should be looking for alternative fuel sources that can run our vehicles with little or no impact on our already crumbling environment. I recently read that in the greater Los Angeles area, gang bangers are stealing used restaurant grease to sell on the black market. Even the Bloods and Crypts understand the value of alternative fuels...why can't the elite and educated politicians we elect understand their constituents need to "Go Green" and spend less on fuel costs. I don't think anyone wants to rape the ecosystem any more than we already have. If alternative fuels were introduced to Americans, I think it would catch on quickly, much like the whole, organic food movement that has forced food manufacturers and retailers to change their piggish ways, introducing quality foods minus the pesticides, trans fat and food additives that are surely contributing to the mass outbreak of cancer.

I can't say that anyone won that bout on Friday night. There were no gut or kidney punches that wowed me and won me over. There were flutters of defiance on both ends but McCain's short temper and stymied agenda made me snicker a few times. Obama is truly more intelligent, well-spoken and better understands the plight of the middle class. In that respect, he'll always be a winner against McSame but he needs to take a stance on the issues, be as progressive has his Obama-files want him to be and loosen up a little...we like you Obama...we really do!

I wanted someone to solidify a Wall Street plan that would take the heat off of working and middle class people but instead they both EGGO'd it out and flip flopped through non-answer after non-answer.

This is not about who looks better in a dark suit, crisp white shirt and red tie. Unfortunately, most of America will base their vote on how their candidate physically looks and not what's in their heart and heads. I've given up on the intelligence of American people who give more thought to the brand of chicken pot pie they'd prefer than to who will be the next leader of the Free World.

In certain parts of this country, those running for president may garner more votes if they stopped by their local Wal-Mart for an in-store appearance, but be sure to visit the sports department for your welcoming costume...camouflage jacket and hat, hip boots and a shiny new 12 barrel shot gun to finish off the newest red-neck fashions recently profiled on Project Runway(South of the Mason-Dixon Line Edition.) Now you're ready for any Red State Wal-Mart and rest assured, you'll collect a host of Super Delegates in one fell swoop. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED....Again.

I'll call this miss matched melodrama a draw and wait in earnest for the next round of hot air boxing, hoping that at least my candidate will step up and stop chirping about change and map it out to everyone in laymen terms. I'm sick of McShame's easily sparked hot temper and the stoic, non-reactive Obama. I'm going to say it people..."Where is Hillary?" I'm going to keep plugging for the candidate of change with the shear belief that he really means it and we can end this frightening dog and pony show that has become a two and a half year battle royale for the top seat in the White House.

The only thing I have my eye on this week is the Vice Presidential debate. Joe Biden could read Archie comics all week in preparation for this gig and still do well because anything she says is going to dig the proverbial hole deeper and deeper till this "five colleges in six years" silly heart realizes that she has no business near the presidency. She's no Betty or Veronica and even Jughead wouldn't date her! Oh, but I heard she's really big near the Bearing Strait!

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