Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This week has turned out to be a monster but I'm getting through it, taking deep breaths along the way, following Dr. Weils meditation, de-stresser directions. I hate when work gets a little stressful, especially when it's not the kind of work I want to be doing but just like every other Joe, I've got to pay my bills or I'll end up on the dole. I do have a pension for Lucky bags and foreign shoes so I've got to keep this gig till I get something better. I finally snagged a free-lance writing job slated to be published in the January issue of BoHo (on the stands in December) and I'm really over the moon. I haven't been paid to write diddly squat since the mid-90's so this is an auspicious occasion for me, making me finally believe I can do this. I have to keep plugging along, moving ahead, looking out for my own best interests while loving those that always have my back. The rest can step off.

Tomorrow I'm going to hear Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! fame, speak at another stellar Hofstra Educate 08' program. I'm sure this is going to be controversial and I'm already loving it. She will NOT be silenced...remember don't try and keep a good woman will always come back and bite you in the bum, like bad karma or rancid Kimchi that's festered too long. Watch out!

The other day, Vic and I went to get fingerprinted at the local station house for our adoption portfolio and somehow I ended up getting into a political spat with a veteran cop. I think I really put lipstick on that one if you know what I mean! He made a sexist remark regarding my maiden name which is of course, is part of my married name. I'm firm on that's my God given name and I flatly refuse to give it up. This is a personal choice for women but I'm big on the hyphen even though my very Italian last name got even more ethnic when I finally got hitched and stopped living in sin. LOL!

I told him that those good ol' boy days would soon be over when Hillary takes office in 2012. He went right for a personal attack on HC, calling her "thunder thighs." What a bloody tool! The argument further escalated when I said I am a peacenick and was against war as a solution to world problems. I am now an Obama supporter and honestly feel he is the lesser evil. My candidate is out of the race and although I didn't support Obama earlier in the election season, I'm a firm believer that he is the best candidate to lead our country into the new world order. This Archie Bunker wannabe was all over me like peanut butter glopped on jelly. I held my own while Vic attempted crowd control as onlookers began to notice our public politically charged rampage. After failing to support his political agenda (does he even know what that is) least to this liberal, he asked me a loaded question. "How do you feel about the American flag?" UGH..are you kidding me? If I answered the question on either side of the fence he was going to try and crucify me so I opted for the answer is better than one that may prevent me from gettting locked up in a federal hoosegow or put me on some leftist blacklist.

Just for the record Archie, I support the American flag. I am an American and my father (of the greatest generation) spent five and half years of his young life fighting the Nazi's in Europe and North Africa during World War II. I'm proud that he helped bring down that evil regime and know that the very sight of the flag during his war years gave hope and security to those that needed it most. I am also realistic and know that those events forever changed his life, mostly in bad ways. Seeing your friends blown to bits before your eyes and watching as train cars passed in night behind enemy lines filled to the brim with dead Jews, Poles and Gypsy's can in no way positively affect your psyche. I'm sure he silently suffered and told only the funny stories to his family and friends. War is hell no matter if it's justified or not.

I'm no flag burner Archie but I enjoy to exercise my rights under the constitution and realize that people like you will never change your mind about people who aren't just like you....Anglo-Saxon and ignorant. Stop being blinded by partisanship and open your eyes. The market crashing, the economy is horrible, we are in a war.....should I really go on? Let's give Obama a try...he's no Hillary Clinton but he's all the man that I the White House that is!

Annoying Sarah Palin Fact of the Day: She refuses to cooperate with investigators on Alaska's Troopergate scandal involving her ex, estranged brother-in-law


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