Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sting @ 57 or The Perfect O

A few days ago, while listening to my favorite radio station, WFUV 90.7, the DJ reminded me that it was Sting's 57th birthday. I couldn't believe it. I was shocked and interestingly enough, a little turned on. I've always been one for idol worship and fascinating secret crushes but when I met my husband I all but gave up on these little unrequited love hobbies and promised to focus my sexual energies in his direction. I even made promises in front of God in regards to this when I took my solemn marriage vows almost 14 years ago, but much to not a single person's surprise, I allowed myself one small indulgence where I could occasionally play the role of infatuated rock star groupie to my favorite Limey, Sting or Gordon Sumner as I like to call him.

I'm still stuck on the fact that he is 57 years of age and looks amazing in every possible physical way. It must be all that tantric yoga. In an interview a few years back, he was quoted as saying he could have sex for up to 10 hours at one shot, a direct result of his Eastern relaxation practices. He claimed it took years to get to that point but he learned discipline from daily routines, as did his second wife, Trudy Styler, the recipient of such wanderlust. I have to admit, I am a bit jealous of such afternoon delights but then again, do I really want to spend my days bent into some sort of doughy pretzel in the hopes of an orgasm of a lifetime. I think not. I'm a bit conservative in this forum and although I enjoy and partake in the intimacy of marriage, I by no means swing from the chandeliers in search of the perfect O.

Women of a certain age are in the height of their sexual prowess, so achieving a climax is much easier than all that hard work we had to do in our 20's. I think if someone blew on my ear these days they get a loud, guttural moan, proceeded by a little shimmy-shake normally reserved only for the boudoir. I'm 41, interested and eager, what more could any man or woman ask for these days. A little action is better than none, but I say get as much as you can while you can before you can no longer tolerate all that huffing and puffing.

When some women have children, they all but give up their sexual lives with their husbands, leading many of them to be bitter and celibate which in no way could satisfy either party. Why let it fester? If you want it, grab it and enjoy it. No one says you have to go all the way, all the time. A little foreplay is good for the soul. It's like eating the cupcake first and not getting any of the frosting. It makes you yearn for more and honestly keeps you focused on that frosting for days until you can no longer stand one more day without it. Seize that cupcake my friends and bask in the glory of your conquest. It may be just what you needed!

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