Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the Plumber is a Fake

Read it and weep my friends...the truth is, Joe the Plumber isn't licensed and he owes back taxes. I think Mr. McCain got this one WRONG!

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linda said...

Are you serious? An anecdotal bit from a rally and McCain is supposed to get the intimate details of the guy's life before responding to what Obama said? It was a symbol, and Obama used it too. I think you've let the probama media get to you!

Rene' said...

hmmm, so you think so. As you know, Obama was not my first choice, I'm a Hillary fan. I can't stand when any cadidate uses some poor slob they met on the campaign trail that has a weepy storyline as an example for all of us poor slobs that wallow somewhere between working class and middle class. All the candidates, including Hillary, did it and will continue to do it in some sad attempt to reach out to people they would otherwise not associate with. I'm no fool on this one and yes I should have smacked Obama for a big boo boo as well, but since I didn't, McCain will have to bear the weight on this one.