Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Presidential Debate Anticipation

To say I am excited for tomorrow would be an understatement. I have been a political junkie since I was a wee tot growing up in Albany, New York, a democratic city with strong union ties. My father was extremely fluent in all things politics and handed that valuable trait down to me, a curious soul with an insatiable appetite for political banter. I've always thought of working in public service but never took the leap, but I think this long lasting, two year blitz of various presidential candidates playing musical chairs with my beloved rite to vote has compelled this strong minded, liberal woman to run for some sort of political office. Honestly, I don't care if I lose because for me it's all about the democratic process and when that secure voting process is soured, the idea of a democracy no longer exists. Of course I'd love to hold an elected position in government, hell I'd even settle for the local yocal school or library board to begin my long shuffle to the state level, yet the recent occurrence of right eye twitching has left me limp. I'm curious about how government works and although I believe there is rampant corruption amongst many elected officials, I still work under the guise of naivete and idealism, so I think I may have a chance at getting something done in my first term. Anything after that is a crap shoot. I think politicians are like tofu...permeable. Once you marinate it in something, after a short while, it begins to take on that flavor, much like our elected congress women and men who ignore the wants and needs of their constituents on a regular basis, voting for earmarks and bloated pork packages because they hovered too long at the bar with a loathsome soul from a random political action committee (the scum of the earth). My true hope is that Obama can change my scewed, cynical view on things and make me believe in his version of CHANGE. I want to take back my nation from these corrupt scoundrels that have shanghaied our very rights and privileges from under our noses....and we let them, so SHAME ON ALL OF US! Remember to vote, it's the only thing we have to save us from conservative oblivion.

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