Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Cooking Blog Coming Soon

Although I am enjoying my occasional blog about life's happenings, I'm finding that my true passion in life is food. I'm an avid cook, cookbook reader (it calms the nerves) and foodie although I'm not really into bizarro Survivor type foods like Eye of Newt and alligator scrotum. The site was supposed to be launched last year but through a series of lazy hazy days, last year became this moment. I'm committed to bringing you the most fabulous recipes that have been tweaked by me. I warn you, my food is not for the flavorless palates that plague many nations. You must be brave, enjoy the pungent taste of garlic and savor the sweet and savory flavors I concoct on a daily basis.
The blog will be called The Boar and Baker and we'll have a ball making everything from quick work night dinners to brilliant roasts, crusty pizza's and a wide variety of confections, cakes, cookies and tarts. Look for The Boar and the Baker on Blogspot!

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