Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Beginnings

Tonight, Vic and I made our way to Huntington's Book Review to hear Candace Bushnell read from her new young adult novel, The Carrie Diaries. She wasn't what I expected....nothing at all. I've been a fan of Sex and the City since it premiered on HBO over a decade ago, yet I mistakenly thought that Bushnell had a larger than life role in the writing of the shows scripts. I was wrong. She sold the rights to television producer Darren Starr and worked on the original pilot script as a collaboration. The show is based on her New York Observer's now famed column "Sex and the City," which not only attracted Hollywood producer's but the devout readers who found themselves trying to navigate the often confusing dating scene in New York City. Eventually, the writer gave in and decided on a television show rather than a flash in the pan movie that may have gone nowhere. Bushnell's decision may have been questioned at the time but her move was brilliant and helped create one of the most iconic female characters of the modern century. Am I over exaggerating? Not at all, especially to those hearty women who came out to hear a feisty Bushnell describe the back story of Carrie Bradshaw, a clique-less high school burgeoning fashion plate with her eye on New York City.

One thing that Bushnell said tonight, spoke to my heart. She said whatever you are doing, do it well. Good work is always recognized. She also said that writing takes a major commitment and if it isn't there, you won't produce good work. I'm almost there Candace. You may not be Harper Lee, but you created that iconic character, which is what I want to do...what I am destined to do. I can hear her voice, I just need find mine.

Off to bed to read more about Carrie Bradshaw and get a master class on how to build a character.


Jennifer said...

I know you can do it Rene! You are nothing if not dedicated... :)

Anonymous said...

You my friend are invited to the book launch party...whenever that happens! LOL! You name will be on the "list," so keep the next 5-7 years open!