Monday, July 6, 2009

Am I Stupid or Shall We All Sing Koom By Ya With Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin's religious and cultural views are only part of her foolish behavior. Comments about seeing Russia from her back yard and not knowing the last book she read all play a huge role in the "stupid factor." I'm not labeling her because she's a Republican (and by the way, the only reason John McCain chose her was to try and gain women ... Read Morevoters who felt lost without sorely backfired) or because she's a super Christian. I simply don't suffer fools well and to make dumb comments on a world stage is stupid. I know I'm not qualified to run our government and if she had any gumption and truth in her, she'd clearly admit that truth as well. Someone who attended three or four different colleges as a "Communications" major and barely scraped by with a BA degree has some nerve trying to play ball with the likes of well educated leaders like Obama and Hillary Clinton.


Anonymous said...

You really disappoint me! So, let me get this straight, you think people who are religious are stupid? That would make Palin and your parents stupid. Why would you write something like this? There’s nothing newsworthy or original about this writing. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Where’s your brain?

Anonymous said...

Dear the blog. I'm not saying being religious is stupid...not at all. I'm trying to make my readers understand that people like Sarah Palin don't belong on a world stage. She makes ridiculous comments in the name of God and foolishly tried to push her daughter into a loveless marriage, just to save face and her bid for VP. Practice what you preach. Stop being a hypocrite and stop crying because people judge you...that's all you do is judge. I really don't care if I disappointed you or anyone else for that matter. If you must know, I believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I have been in situations where non-denominational believers have done nothing but mock my faith, saying horrible things about Mary, the Mother of God. I am anti-war, anti-death penalty and believe in the greater good of all, not just people like myself. My point is, she didn't belong in that forum and America spoke. Thank God for a progressive, liberal US of A!