Monday, July 6, 2009

On Sarah Palin.........A Facebook Response.

Her unbelievable ignorance is what makes her stupid. She may be able to manipulate people enough to vote for her but when push comes to shove, it takes more than a quasi pretty face to run a productive government with a valid set of checks and balances. She couldn't or else she wouldn't be under federal investigation for ethics violations! As we see, our state politicians got elected but they can't seem to work more than three minutes on any given day. If Americans critically thought about each candidate they voted for, rather than party affiliation, our government would look very different and I'm almost positive, Sarah Palin wouldn't even be a blip in that history. On a personal note, she momentarily set the Woman's Movement back 50 years. She can take her Mary Poppins Alaska know how and stuff it in her dead Caribou!

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