Friday, June 26, 2009

Sweet 15, Ol'E and Michael Jackson

I try to remember Michael Jackson from his pre-Thriller stage to Thriller itself. It just got too bizarro for me after that and although I was a whore to 80's pop music, some of the best memories of my "Sixteen Candles" experience all seemed to hit head-on with one or another hits off the Thriller mega hit album. I actually stopped calling a boy I liked, mid-digit dialing, to watch the world premiere video of "Billy Jean." VJ Martha Quinn's cutesy voice echoed through my brain as I sat, fixated on the boob-tube, waiting for the magic to begin. I listened carefully as I sipped another taste of stale Ol'E out of a paper cup, eating sugary birthday cake while at a friends sleepover. Once I heard the synthesized dum dum dum dum, I knew I was in for a real THRILL(ER)! That lit up stage he walked across as he belted out "Billy Jean" will forever be my favorite song from his enormous musical catalog, although PYT comes in a pretty close second. It's all over and done with now and his world stage silenced, but his music will be his legacy for generations to come. Goodbye Kind of Pop...I hope you rock the heavens with that addictive beat, dum, dum, dum, dum...I can almost hear it now when the wind blows that certain way.

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Joe said...

I agree completely, Rene. Growing up in an integrated neighborhood in Uniondale, I saw firsthand every day the phenomenon that was "Thriller" and Michael Jackson.
What a talent...What a good person...What a loss...What a tragic figure.