Saturday, June 20, 2009


I can't seem to shake this phlegmy mess of a cold I acquired after Vic paraded around the house coughing, open mouth, spewing his usual nonsense, "I'm not sick, it's only allergies." That worked until I woke up a few days later with this thick funk slithering down the back of my very sore throat. I was furious but moreover, I was sick and that was two weeks ago. What is going on with my immune system? I can't seem to fight this heinous viral storm off. It concerns me...a lot. Ever since my mother passed away, I've been battling shades of mourning depression but I've stymied that with an extra dose of vitamin D and extra shots of organic apple cider vinegar. My health hasn't been bad but I gained all the weight I worked so hard to lose last summer and fall so I'm sure my blood pressure and sugar levels are in an uproar. I vowed to myself that this is the week I'm going to beat this ridiculous infection, begin my walking regimen and eat more balance, healthful meals. I'm always experimenting with foods, herbs and spices and never eat junk food (true true true) unless you consider pizza poo poo. I have been skipping lunch lately, mostly because I can't seem to get up in the morning. I'm such a bloody slow poke lately. I'm anxious for my vacation days to get here so I don't have to whore myself out any longer. It's my time to be creative and do what God put me on this earth to achieve. Although my dreams of getting an agent were dashed last year after I made a conscience choice to spend more time with my then ill mother, I'm focused right now. Don't get me wrong, I would never regret spending time with her...she is my heart and blood. Last summer, we had exciting times in Baldwin Harbor with all BBQ's, family weekends, the LB boardwalk and a few yummy dinners at Jordan's Lobster Farm. I'll always have that time, but now I feel those juices running slowly through my slightly warped mind as I embark on a new adventure.

Oh, by the way, my nephew's fiancee Christine, who I consider a wonderful friend, recommended that I begin taking oscillococcinum for my cold. I don't know what's in it but you dissolve a vile of these little white beads in your mouth and within the hour, you are feeling much better. Maybe I will actually be able to get a walk in today and do all my chores.

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why is pete in the pic concerning phlegm? hilarious!! - lisa